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Watercolour workshops - workshop table with paints, water and colourful painted patterns

Creative & mindfulness events for groups & communities

Creating space for mindful play

Over the last 20 years, I’ve dipped in and out of watercolours and the way I have learned is through play. Trial and error and trusting the creative process.

This is how I love to share watercolour workshops, a space for people to lean into their inner creativity and get lost in the art of playing. 

As a meditation teacher, I also love to weave in some mindfulness, playful ways to connect with the breath and really relax into the present. 

3 women in a watercolour workshop, painting with watercolours.

Play with Watercolour workshops in Bristol

I hold regular creative workshops in Bristol, encouraging people to play and embrace their inner creativity. 

Check out my latest events here:

Watercolour workshop, hands painting watercolours

Reaching that creative flow state

My favourite part of a workshop is when the room has reached creative flow state. Everyone has heads down and they are in the zone.

Yes, even the absolute beginners. 

Time starts to melt away and you realise you’re not really thinking anymore, you’re fully present.

You’re in the moment with the paint, the brush and the paper.

Lovely words from lovely participants

Me & my friend came away feeling very happy and inspired to start being creative at home.

I felt so calm and relaxed, it was such a lovely morning. Thank you so much.

Your workshop unlocked some sparkle in me, which I needed.

Creative workshops
in Bristol & beyond

Watercolour workshop, hands painting watercolours

Community workshops

Creative events for communities & funded organisations, providing: 

  • Mindful breathing and painting
  • Creative space to play & learn
  • A relaxing time to connect with others
  • Positive impact on wellbeing
Watercolour workshops - workshop table with paints, water and colourful painted patterns

Private Events

Bring some creativity to your celebration, event or party. Great for beginners to budding creatives: 

  • Baby showers, painting affirmation cards
  • Creative hen do workshops
  • Creative celebrations for friends
  • Pair with a yoga class = ultimate relaxation
work in progress watercolour illustrations of meditations in nature,

Workplace workshops

Creative events in the workplace can create opportunities for: 

  • Team building & bonding
  • Creative inspiration
  • Creative problem solving
  • Mindfulness & employee wellbeing

Let's book your creative workshop

If you’re interested in booking your own creative workshop for a community group, private event or workplace, send me a message.