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Just Breathe Meditation Postcard

A beautiful calming illustration of a woman meditating, encouraging us to take 5 and breathe. Mindful moments are becoming more and more important in this busy lifestyle, this Just Breathe meditation postcard serves as a gentle reminder to find your mindful moment, even just for 5 breaths.


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Positive Postcard by Sunshine for Breakfast, with meditation illustration and hand lettered quote, ‘Take 5 and breathe.’

This postcard is perfect to send to a friend in need as a reminder to pause, slow down and be mindful. Ideal gift for someone who loves meditation, daily affirmations or yoga. Or pop the postcard on your wall to add a little motivational sunshine to your space.

Positive Postcards are printed on recycled silk card stock, which has a really high quality print finish (and they are wonderful and smooth to write on!)

Each Sunshine for Breakfast postcard is…

• Sized approximately 10.5xm x 14.8cm

• Printed in the UK on recycled silk card stock

• Printed double sided, with a beautiful illustration on one side and a standard postcard design on the reverse (with space for a message, address and stamp).

• Designed by Sunshine for Breakfast in Bristol, UK.