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Lucky Dip Postcards – Seconds

Your lucky dip postcards bag is filled with a mix of 10 postcards designed by Sunshine for Breakfast. You’ll receive a surprise mix of postcards at a lovely discount, perfect for building up a stash to send to friends or adorn your walls. Please read below for full details.


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Enjoy a bundle of lucky dip postcards, and get a surprise mix of 10 Sunshine for Breakfast postcards.

Your lucky dip will include a mix of beautifully illustrated postcards from the Sunshine for Breakfast range. These postcards are from previous Sunshine for Breakfast ranges are chosen at random. Some postcards are sample seconds or have slight imperfections, such as:

  • little blemishes on the card
  • return stock from a shop with price labels/label residue
  • corners with teeny crumples or creases.

These postcards haven’t passed the high Sunshine for Breakfast quality test, but they are perfect enough to be sold on at a lovely discount.

Each Sunshine for Breakfast Lucky Dip Postcards bag:

  • Is packaged in a gold stripe bag and posted in a large ‘do not bend’ envelope
  • Includes 10 surprise postcards – a random selection of designs (you may receive doubles of some designs)
  • Some postcards may have slight imperfections, such as a slight bend on a corner, or a blemish on the card

Some samples of postcards you might receive are featured in the images (these images are example items and you won’t receive all of them in your beautiful bundle).

Please note,

☀️ All Lucky Dip bags are non-refundable, as they are classed as sale items.

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