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House Plants Bedroom Print

A lovely soothing green and terracotta print of a house plants filled bedroom. A lovely house plants bedroom print to gift any plant lover.


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This art print features an illustration of a bedroom filled with all your favourite house plants, including Pilea Peperomioides, Calathea, Aloe Vera, String of Pearls, String of Hearts and lots more!

The plants are arranged around a freshly made bed, with a green and terracotta colour palette that’s lovely and soothing. The bedroom that every house plant lover wished they had.

A beautiful house plants bedroom print to brighten up any room, to send as a gift to friends. This print makes a lovely addition to any plant addict’s home.

This House Plants Bedroom Print

This House Plants Bedroom print is:

  • Sized A5: approximately 14cm wide x 21cm high
  • Printed in the UK on high quality, FSC Certified stock
  • Signed by the Illustrator, Jodie Curley
  • Packaged with sturdy, responsibly sourced cardboard
  • Delivered in protective, biodegradable cellophane wrapper
  • Sold unframed.

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